Our Story

We're the Littlefield Family! Emily, Tanner, Asher, Harbor and our two pups, Deegan & Millie. Tanner & I started dating as children, literally. We were 14 & 16, inseparable. We got married in 2019, had out first born in 2021. We started LDC when I decided to be a stay at home mom, in April 2021. 

It began as a hobby. We didn't know anyone with a laser but we thought it was an interesting concept and a fun hobby. We began in our basement. Friends & family saw our creations and began placing orders. It continually grew from there! 

We have added to our machinery as time has gone on, we now have 3 different types of lasers of all sizes. If you have an idea, we can probably do it!

By 2023, we had completely outgrown working from our home. We welcomed a second baby and the house seemed to be closing in on us. So we decided it was time for a warehouse, along with that we decided to open a storefront as well!

We are grateful for all of our amazing support and customers that have gotten us here. We wouldn't be us, without you. You have given us the opportunity to spend time with our children, teaching them values that can't be taught at school. We take pride in everything we create and all of the relationships we have and will continue to grow!

Thank you for being here,


The Littlefield Family